Achieve Personal Growth

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Our attitudes and belief in ourselves has a lot to do with our real success in life.

Every day, there are individuals who experience adversity, but they succeed in spite of the obstacles the face. They learn from life’s lessons, keep moving forward, and get the most out of life.

You can be that person.

Spark will help you achieve meaningful personal growth—by giving you the skills and inspiration to think differently and reach your potential.

How Does Spark Do It?

We facilitate interactive group meetings, provide individual coaching, and offer dynamic presentations to educate and motivate individuals. These services include:

Spark MasterMind Groups
MasterMind Learning Groups are small gatherings of like-minded individuals who want to make the most of their personal or professional lives. Each group is structured to tap into the wisdom of experts (curriculum is based on a best-selling personal or professional growth book) while leveraging the collective power and wisdom of the facilitator and group participants. Each module runs between 5-8 weeks.
Personalized Coaching
Consider several sessions of one-to-one coaching support to identify and capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaker areas.
Motivational Speaking
Spark’s founder, Sharon Mast, has presented to audiences nationally and internationally, leaving them humored, energized, reflective and poised for action. Topics vary but focus primarily on personal development and adding value.


Let Spark Solutions & Support help you grow forward. To learn more about these services, call 610-781-1888 or email

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