Spark Impact Circle

Are you looking for a change? Are you looking to put a little "spark" back into your personal and/or professional life? The world we live in makes it easy to fall into routines and patterns that make us forget to stop and ask ourselves why? If you have been feeling stuck, maybe it's time to rediscover your personal why. And by finding that why, unearthing that wow inside of YOU!   

What is a Spark Impact Circle? 

A Spark Impact Circle is a small gathering of like-minded individuals (6-10) who want to make the most of their personal and professional lives. More than a book club or a support group, Spark Impact Circles are structured, facilitated and formatted discussions tapping the wisdom of experts while leveraging the collective power and wisdom of the group. The curriculum is always based on a best-selling personal or professional growth book. 

Why Should YOU Join a Spark Impact Circle? 

  • To BE INSPIRED, GAIN INSIGHT, and BUILD CONFIDENCE. Basically, to be the you that YOU want to be! 
  • To receive the benefit of different perspectives, input and feedback that builds on the wisdom and lessons learned by others. 
  • To gain helpful tools and techniques that you can immediately apply to your life. 
  • To engage with others in a safe and structured, yet fun and flexible environment. 
  • To be led by a certified facilitator and coach with 30 years of personal and professional growth and development experience who loves seeing others shine. 

How Long Does a Spark Impact Circle Last?  

Spark Impact Circles unfold over the course of five weeks. Meetings last an hour and a half, and are on Tuesdays from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM, or 6:30 to 8:30 PM. 

How Much does it Cost?  

The cost of a Spark Impact Circle is $125 for a five week circle. This fee includes all the materials you will need for the course.  

When Can I Register? 

You can register RIGHT NOW! New Circles are being formed beginning February 24. Contact Sharon Mast at or call 610-781-1888. 

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