Culture of Excellence

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Employees and leadership are facing unprecedented changes in how they work, communicate, and add value. The stakes are high and so is the pressure.

Creating a culture of excellence is like a GPS tracking system – it’s the roadmap that helps employees and customers to know who you are and what you believe in. When everyone is going in the same direction it has a profound impact on our productivity and ownership in the company’s success.

How Does Spark Do It?


We provide high quality facilitation, customized workshop & trainings, and performance coaching to help individuals and teams feel re-engaged, work through challenges, and improve performance.


Spark tools include:

Organizational culture assessments
Uncovers what your employees and customers think of working with you.
Employee and leadership dialogues
Enables integration of your company’s values into your day-to-day interactions including hiring, orientation and performance review processes.
360° leadership assessments
Identifies strengths and areas for improvement.
Onsite and remote support
Oversees the design and implementation of a culture of excellence growth plan specific to your mission and goals.


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