Life Without Limits

When I was young, my mother used to say, “You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.” Such a powerful statement and yet we too often give others the permission to determine our response because we don’t take the time to first think of the outcome we want. We don’t pause after we tell ourselves a ‘story’ in our mind. We immediately jump to an emotion and a reaction that didn’t necessarily make the situation better. Sometimes, we can rectify the situation and sometimes, the damage is ugly.

I was in an airport last year heading out on a business trip and picked up a book that emotionally changed my life. “Life Without Limits” by Nick Vujicic was an amazing read. Nick was born without arms and legs and overcame some pretty grim physical, emotional and spiritual hurdles to live an independent and very fulfilled life as an international motivational speaker and Director of “Life Without Limbs”, a nonprofit foundation.

What I learned

Here are a few ‘pearls’ from Nick.

Some people accept what others say about them and unconsciously restrict themselves. Labels can provide a tempting hiding place. It can be easy to use them as an excuse not to succeed, but it is more rewarding and powerful when we can rise above them. Nick would say, “I was not crippled until I gave up hope.” 

Don’t rely on just what you can see. If you focus on your limitations, you cannot see the possibilities. And there are so many possibilities out there.

Don’t live according to what you lack. Instead, live as though you can do anything you dream of doing. (Remember my last blog post about mindset?)

Sadness serves a purpose. Losing serves a purpose. Ask yourself, what am I to learn from this experience? Let it teach you, motivate you, and build your character. That is when you truly appreciate your success.

Celebrate your YOU-niqueness. Humans are a silly bunch. We spend half of our time trying to fit in and half of our time trying to be different. You were put here on earth for a purpose and to be the best YOU that you can be so stop trying to be someone else –they are already taken.

Questions to Ponder?

What are you shying away from because of the story in your head? What do you think you are you here to do—to be a good leader, to be a best friend, to be a great mom, to be an employee your boss can count on?

Whatever it is—humbly accept to be all that you can be in the role you cherish. Quiet the voices in your head and build your own Life Without Limits.

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